Jacob Pipes

Tight - Robust - Economical

Connecting components

We provide an installation-friendly range of connectors: pull-ring connectors up to DN 630 mm. From 350 mm upwards, the standard range is also available with loose flange connection. QUICK CONNECT®: tight, robust and economical.


Added value through ultra-modern mass production. Powder-coated, galvanised or stainless steel. Our modular pipework system provides long-lasting top quality. 

Segments & Bends
Curved segments with a small radius for bulk materials handling and drawn, flow optimised elbows with a radius equalling twice the diameter (up to 400 mm) for use in ventilation systems.

Branch pieces
The numerous branches from our standard range provide an exact fit and will set your products in the right direction.

Transition pieces 

Transitions made easy. Find the right transition or outlet hood. 

Inspection components 
Functional pipes with an inspection or cleaning port. Practical and an exact fit within the modular pipe system. 


Regulator & Shut-off Valve 
Throttle valves, shut-off valves and slide gates, hand operated or actuated, allow you to regulate airflows or control your bulk goods handling.


Our valves and 2-way distributors provide an unrivalled range of different options for handling your bulk goods. Optimised layout using pressed shells without reducing the cross-section. Symmetrical and asymmetrical construction. Optionally available with an actuator, including to ATEX specifications on demand. A good choice every time.  

Multi-way distributors

Built for distributing cereals and granular bulk goods in free fall or pneumatically, our multi-port diverters let you choose the direction to which your goods should go. 

Fixing components & accessories
Accessories include flanges, fastening hardware, earthing cables, hose connections, hoses or compensators as well as other system components accessories. Functional, easy to use, and a perfect fit from our modular system. 

Fitted or welded flanges
We supply shock explosion proof, longitudinally welded and flanged modular pipework and distribution systems for bulk goods handling, dust and exhaust air extraction, and cooling air supply.


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